11+ Frequently Asked Questions

Due to current global circumstances, Warwickshire County Council is currently looking at contingency measures regarding 11+ testing sessions, in case social distancing rules are still in place during September.

Please register your child as normal for the 11+ test and they will contact you when further information is available about testing sessions for the September 2021 entry cohort.
What is the 11+                                                          The 11+ test is an entry test given to pupils in their last year of primary school (Year 6 in England) and is used as a means to determine whether that pupil is suited to the academic rigours of a grammar school education.
Where can my child sit the 11+?

Students in Warwickshire can sit the 11+ at Lawrence Sheriff School. Should they pass they will be eligible for any grammar school/ stream in Rugby.
How much does it cost to sit the 11? The test is free to take.

When do students sit the 11+?

The 11+ is taken for all Warwickshire grammar schools and are scheduled for November 2020.

Once registered, information on timings will be sent to you two weeks
before the test.
What does the test involve?

There will be two papers, each of approximately 50 minutes. The papers will be divided into smaller, individually timed sections, which test verbal ability, numerical ability, and non verbal ability.
When and where do I register my child for the 11+? What is the deadline for registration?

For information on how to register for the 11 plus visit

The closing date is the 29th June 2020

Late 11+ registrations and late secondary school applications ​will not ​be considered in the first round of offers.

 Pupil Premium Support

 When you register for the 11+ and you state that your child is PP. You will be automatically enrolled on an online preparation course.
What are the entry requirements?

The automatic qualifying score for the 2017 11 + were:
Lawrence Sheriff School = 209

 Rugby High School = 207

Minimum score for waiting list

Lawrence Sheriff School = 205+

Rugby High School = 203+

The boundary for the scores changes from year to year.

Up to 20 spaces are allocated with an entry requirement that is twenty points lower than the school’s qualifying score to Pupil Premium (PP) students.

For more information visit:
https://apps.warwickshire.gov.uk/api/documents/WCCC -699-683
Where can I access further information? During the summer term of 2020 parents of all the children in Year 5 in primary schools in Warwickshire will be issued with a leaflet about the process of selection.

For further queries relating to the Warwickshire 11+ test, please contact the School Admissions office at:elevenplus@warwickshire.gov.uk

How will I know if I should enter my child for the 11+?

Try out sample questions and tests and see if your child scores well and enjoys the process.
What grammar schools are there in Rugby?

Lawrence Sheriff School

 Rugby High School

Ashlawn has grammar stream

How can I help prepare my child for the 11+? You will receive a familiarisation booklet containing information about the format of the test and some example questions, upon receipt of a completed registration form.

Try working through some of these sample papers from CEM that are used in East Warwickshire

CEM 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning
http://www.11plusguide.com/11-plus-papers-books/cem-11-pl us-exams/cem-vr-preparation-year-5/

CEM 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning


CEM 11 Plus Numerical Reasoning
http://www.11plusguide.com/11-plus-papers-books/cem-11-pl us-exams/cem-non-vr-preparation-year-5/

Updated familiarisation packs are also provided on the LSS website



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