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Behaviour and Rewards

Our approach is a positive one which emphasises the benefits for the whole school offered by an appropriate standard of behaviour. This approach also gives students a greater responsibility in creating and maintaining such an environment for the benefit of their own learning.

Students are able to achieve a range of rewards through their behaviour and approach to learning, for example:

Merits – Awarded by staff for excellent behaviour/work. The accumulation of merits leads to a range of awards which are presented throughout the year:

Merit Certificate

Bronze Certificate

Silver Certificate

Gold Certificate

Platinum Certificate

Headteachers' Certificate

Governors’ Certificate

Parents’ Association Certificate (Tie)

Trustees’ Award (Paperweight)

Postcards home – Individual postcards are sent to parents by teachers, the Headteacher and Deputy Head to recognise particularly significant individual achievements, whether curricular or extra-curricular.

Effort Awards – Whatever a student’s ability level, the effort that students put into their work will lead to them performing at their own individual highest standard. These awards recognise the students’ effort and attitude to work throughout the year as playing a significant part in their learning. Students are presented with a certificate and tie at the School Service and Junior Prizegiving (Years 7 and 8) in July, which parents/carers are invited to attend.

Departmental/Special Prizes – These are additional awards made by individual departments or for particular activities, and are presented at the School Service and Junior Prizegiving.

Awards Afternoon – For older year groups, the Awards Afternoon in December recognises students’ achievement and performance with Subject Awards (certificate and tie), GCSE Performance (certificate, tie and cheque) and other special prizes.                                


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