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We live in an age that emphasises connection. I regularly receive invitations to join Linkedin networks from a range of colleagues that I have worked with over the years (although most of these invitations continue to remain on my ‘must get around to doing this’ list). Whilst social media is far from being an unmitigated blessing, its ability to facilitate connections between people, particularly those who would not otherwise be in regular contact, must be amongst its most positive uses.

Since connection matters, we want to work more closely with those who have strong links to LSS. We already have an excellent Old Laurentians Society who have strongly supported the school throughout my time as Headteacher. Both of my sons are members of the Society and events such as their annual dinner in Big School (which takes place each Spring - 2018 date to be confirmed) provide an excellent opportunity for former members of the school to catch up with one another.

Building on the excellent work of the OLs, the school is now launching an Alumni website, which offers a chance to take this process of connection a stage further. As well as offering the facility to make contact with specific people, the website also offers regular updates on developments at the school and the opportunity for former students to share ways in which they would be willing to help Lawrence Sheriff.

If I can be direct, the exercise is not designed to be a way of extracting money from Old Laurentians. However, I make no apology for wanting to make use of their skills and talents. I believe that we have many OLs who would be willing to offer their advice and expertise to both students and the school. Taken together they represent a tremendous resource that we need to make full use of. In return, we would like to offer a regular flow of information and updates about life in the school.

I know that ‘The Weekly Word’ has a wide ‘reach’, so if you are in contact with Old Laurentians who do not regularly receive ‘The Weekly Word’, please send this article on to them and encourage them to register on the Alumni website at:

An early opportunity to connect Alumni will be during the summer term when we will be offering tea and a tour of the school to all Alumni who would like to join us. I would strongly encourage them to register on the site and to come and join us at this event – full details will be published in due course.


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