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Student Absence

In the academic year student absence may be reported by the following means:
Phone call on each day of the student's absence to the sixth form office for years 12-13 or main office for years 7-11 via the main switchboard.

Tel: 01788 542074 or:
Email on each day of the student's absence to for years 12-13 or for years 7-11.

When a phone call has not been made or an email sent for each day of absence a letter should be presented to the appropriate office by the student on return at the end of the period of absence- sixth form office for years 12-13 and main office for years 7-11. The letter should clearly state the dates of the absence and be addressed to ‘Sixth Form Attendance Administrator’ or ‘Lower School Attendance Administrator’. When a telephone message has been received by the sixth form or main office, they will update the electronic register with the relevant code.

When informing the school of a son’s prearranged medical or dental appointment the same procedure should be adopted. However, written notification of medical appointments may be requested by the pastoral office.

Please note that the school reserves the right to carry out random checks to ensure proper use of the absence policy by requesting written confirmation of a student’s absence.

If a student feels ill or has an accident during school time, he must see pastoral office, or his tutor, or another teacher, and must never leave the premises without permission.  After consultation, a member of the school staff will then contact parents if necessary.  Students must not contact parents directly without staff knowledge.

 If a student has an appointment or interview in school time, he must bring a note beforehand.  It is a matter of courtesy that a student should try to see his teachers if he knows he will miss their lessons.

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