Parent Consultations 2016-2017

YEAR 13(2) PARENT CONSULTATIONS - Thursday 9th March 2017

Appointment letters for the above event will be issued to students via Mrs James in the Sixth Form Centre immediately after half-term, on Monday 27th February.

Please note that no changes can be made at this stage.

Thank you for your co-opertion.


YEAR 12(2) PARENT CONSULTATIONS - Thursday 23rd March 2017

These will take place in the Sixth Form Centre from 4.00-6.30pm.

Parents who require early (4.00-5.30pm) or late (5.00-6.30pm) appointments should contact Miss Torrens at no later than 17th February.

No requests will be accepted after this deadline.

Please note that it is not possible to ask for appointments to start at specific times, e.g., starting from 5:15pm; 5:45pm, etc., only within the ranges as described above.

Please only ask for appointments to be set within either of these ranges if you have a genuine need to do so, e.g., travel difficulties.

Whilst every effort is made to accommodate such requests, it is with regret that these cannot be guaranteed.

Schedule for 2016/2017

  • All notices concerning parents’ evenings will be placed on the LSS website, The Weekly Word, Insight, and our Daily Notices system.

  • Please do not contact the school for early (4-5.30pm) or late (5-6.30pm) requests until a notice is published indicating we are ready to receive them.

  • Contact details will be provided at this time.

  • Please ensure you make such requests within the strict deadline.

  • These requests, although accommodated whenever possible, cannot be guaranteed.

  • Separate notices will be posted indicating when appointment sets have been issued to students, using the same systems as outlined above. These are delivered to students via form tutors.

  • Please note that Y12 and Y13 now have two parent consultations dates, as there will be no formal written reports.


 Please click here to download the consultation dates.











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