Notice about Significant Change Consultation (Selective Schools Expansion Fund)


Notice about Selective Schools Expansion Fund Application

Having given the matter a great deal of thought, the school has decided to apply to the Selective School expansion fund recently launched by the DFE. Our aim is to provide an additional form of entry to the school from 2021. To do this, we are required by law to undertake a ‘Significant Change Consultation’.  We commenced this process on June 18th 2018, and the consultation will run for 10 weeks until Friday 31st August.

By doing this we would be able to offer 30 more places a year in the school, responding to the ever growing demand for places. By adding a form of entry we will be able to offer more children from Rugby and the surrounding area the opportunity to attend Lawrence Sheriff. We will also be able to further develop our existing policy of offering a growing number of disadvantaged students the opportunity to attend LSS.

In addition to all of the above, the proposals also reflect the need for the school to respond to the continuing growth of Rugby and the significant increase in population that will take place over the next few years.

As always, we will consult fully on these proposals over the coming days and weeks. In our view they represent an exciting next stage in the development of Lawrence Sheriff School.

Please click here for the Selective Schools Expansion Consultation Questionnaire

Dr. Peter Kent