Financial Studies

Subject specific entry requirements.
How the course is assessed.
100% examination.
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London Institute of Banking and Finance


Where does it lead?
This qualification provides a comprehensive introduction to personal finance. Its purpose is to prepare students for further study through the development of the core skills of critical analysis and evaluation, synthesis, verbal communication (through classroom discussion) and written communication.

It would be well-suited to students who have an interest in banking and finance, economics and business as well as those who wish to understand how to make sensible financial decisions.

Course overview
Students will look at the following topics:

This qualification consists of two units 
-         Unit 1 – Financial Capability for the Immediate and Short Term (FCIS)
-         Unit 2 – Financial Capability for the Medium and Long Term (FCML).

Each unit is worth 50% of the overall qualification.

CeFS develops the knowledge and skills required for young people to make informed financial decisions by introducing them to the risks and challenges involved in personal finance and the tools for effective planning. Within this, it provides a solid basis for creating financial inclusion, by exploring social-economic factors which may influence an individual’s life choices.

Specific topics include:

·     Importance of financial capability in the immediate, short, medium and long term.
·     Financial services and products, including sources of help and advice.
·     Borrowing, budgeting, financial planning and cash flow forecasting.
·     The impact of external influences at different stages in the personal life cycle.
·     Risk and reward in managing personal finance.

You can expect to:

·         Learn about a wide range of private and public sector organisations, the markets they serve and how they add value.
·         Investigate businesses from the perspective of a range of different stakeholder groups.
·         Undertake group work and independent study.
·         Develop literacy, numeracy, research and presentation skills.
·         Learn about the current structure of business and business practice.

Other useful information
In this subject students can gain an A* and potentially move on to study the Diploma in Finance which is equivalent to an A Level.

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