History at Lawrence Sheriff School is a compulsory subject in year 7 and 8 and a popular option choice at both GCSE and A Level. Within the History department at LSS we intend to create a passion for the subject from entry in Year 7 to undergraduate level and beyond. Through the study of a broad range and depth of British and World Historical events, we aim to help students discover things from the past that will inform them about the world they live in today. Students will learn in a fun, exciting and academically challenging manner; allowing them to embrace inclusive, independent and active learning strategies. History teaches many skills that are relevant across the curriculum and we aspire to empower students, to question historical narratives and to begin to form opinions about controversial subjects both past and present.

The department also aims to encourage interest in History outside the classroom; there will be an opportunity to visit Warwick Castle in Year 7, the Black Country Museum in Year 8 and Ypres at GCSE.

In year 7 and 8, the department’s approach is to strike a balance between knowledge and skills, studying British and World History within a broad enquiry framework based both on thematic, chronological and in depth investigations.

In Year 7, students concentrate on the core themes of religion, society and power, covering a range of topics from Roman Britain to the Norman Conquest, Tudor and Stuart Britain to the history of exploration and piracy.

In Year 8, students focus on areas such as rights, war and power revisiting some of the themes from the previous year to create an interleaving approach. They cover a range of topics from Black History, the Industrial Revolution to the rise of the Dictators and World War 1.

Year 9 Students continue with their KS3 studies - again focusing on overarching broad themes such as war and power. They cover topics in depth such as World War 2, the Wild West, the town of Rugby and the world and Britain since 1945. At the end of the year they begin an enrichment course in Medieval History.

Year 10 and 11 students study the following topics from the AQA specification: Conflict and Tension - 1945 - 72, Health and the People, Norman Britain and America in the 19th Century. Each year for the Normans they will study a Historic Environment site - this could be an area of Norman Britain, a battlefield, castle. monastery or any other site.

Year 12 and 13: Tudor England and Russia 1917-53 are the two main units taught at A level from the AQA specification. In addition, students are expected to complete a NEA (coursework) on the Causes of World War One.

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