Mathematics is a popular subject at Lawrence Sheriff School. A strong team of subject specialists deliver the curriculum, with teachers from other specialisms in years 7 & 8. Most lessons take place in one of six dedicated classrooms in the Learning Resources Centre. In addition to academic studies, students enter the UKMT individual and team challenges and each year we are delighted that many boys win gold certificates qualifying for the Kangaroo and Olympiad competitions.

What to expect:
Two homework tasks each week; the department uses Google Classroom to communicate and record the tasks. Students will be given different types of homework – eg. Textbook exercises, puzzles, online questions, revision. Each half term there will be two pieces of teacher assessed work and a test.

Textbooks are available via Kerboodle for individual study away from the classroom. Students could also use Dr Frost Maths for online interactive revision.

Programme of Study
The schemes are designed to cover the National Curriculum over 5 years of study. Opportunities for problem solving, mathematical reasoning and use of technology are incorporated. Below are very brief outlines, highlighting a few topics.

Year 7 (8 lessons per fortnight)
Textbook STP Mathematics 7.

  • Directed numbers, prime factors, HCF, LCM
  • Properties of numbers (prime numbers, square, triangle, index form)


  • Rules of algebra, collecting like terms, brackets.
  • Solving linear equations by balancing
  • Nth term of linear sequences

Geometry and Measures

  • Formal geometry of angles, parallel lines, triangles

Data and Probability

  • Collecting data, tally chats, pictograms, bar charts
  • Mean, median, mode and range
  • Probability.

Year 8 (8 lessons per fortnight)
Textbook STP Mathematics 8

  • Standard form, estimating, calculator work


  • Factorising
  • Equation of straight line y=mx+c and curved graphs.


  • Circumference and area of a circle
  • Transformations
  • Pythagoras

Data and Probability

  • Probability – sample spaces
  • Scatter diagrams and correlation

Year 9 (7 lessons per fortnight)
Textbook STP Mathematics 9

  • Recurring decimals, percentages


  • Quadratics
  • Simultaneous equations

Ratio, proportion and rates of change

  • Travel graphs, compound measures
  • Direct and inverse proportion

Geometry and Measures

  • Trigonometry


  • Tree diagrams


  • Cumulative frequency

Year 10 & 11 (7 or 8 lessons per fortnight)
Textbook Higher GCSE Revision and Practice (Rayner)

The scheme builds on the work done in years 7 – 9 to cover the content of the GCSE (9 – 1) Higher Specification.

Some students will also be taught the content of Further Mathematics GCSE in preparation for A Level.

Exam Details

Edexcel GCSE MATHEMATICS (9-1) 1MA1 Higher

AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics
- Final decisions on the exact entries for this qualification will be made in the Spring Term of year 11.

For A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics see the Sixth Form Prospectus.

WELL DONE Year 7 & 8!!

UKMT Junior Mathematics Challenge 2018
2 Junior Olympiad
10 Junior Kangaroo
28 Gold Certificates
36 Silver Certificates
46 Bronze Certificates


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