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The School Uniform is intended to give boys a pride in their appearance and in the School and to ensure fairness to all. Correct uniform should be worn for school, and on school outings unless specific permission is given to the contrary. General tidiness is expected of all students. Ornamentation of any kind is not permitted when uniform is being worn. The normal uniform for Years 7-11 consists of blazer and black or dark grey trousers. The blazer must be of the standard type – navy blue (not black) and single breasted, with badge. All items should be marked with the owner’s name. Hair should be no more than collar length (although pupils wearing their hair long on religious grounds is, of course, acceptable). The Headmaster reserves the right to decide the suitability of clothing for schoolwear, especially as fashions are constantly changing.

If required, pupils should wear a smart, plain coloured outdoor coat: denim jackets and 'hoodies' are not permitted.  Please see the school’s Behaviour Policy for further information on uniform and expectations.  Parents are advised to read the policy before purchasing an expensive outdoor coat to check whether it is suitable for school.

Tie  Each boy will wear his House tie (your son’s house will be notified at the New Parents’ Evening in July):

Caldecott – purple                     Tait – maroon 
Simpson – green                        Wheeler – blue

Socks                                           Plain grey or black

Shoes                                          Black. Not boots/trainers

Shirts and Collars                        White

Jumper    Navy blue V neck. Please note – this is intended to supplement the school blazer, it is not intended to be a replacement for it. 

Details of the PE/Games kit required will be in the Welcome Pack your son will receive in July.

The authorised School fitters are:

The Schoolwear Centre (01788) 542202 (Daywear and Sportswear)

Webb Ellis Clothing       (01788) 567777 (Daywear) 

School Uniform (2016-2017) Lawrence Sheriff School daywear can be purchased from both the Webb Ellis and the Schoolwear Centre. There is no change in design for either the blazer or jumper:

Schoolwear Centre 5 High St, Rugby CV21 3BG 01788 542202

Webb Ellis 5-6 St Mathews Street, Rugby CV21 3BY 01788 567777

The New PE Kit for 2016-2017 can now be purchased directly from Grays/Gilbert through their online service.

Please note that the Old PE Kit can still be used for the academic year 2016-2017 but the new PE Kit should be worn for the academic year 2017-2018:

Please find below link for the PE kit webshop which is now live.

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