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Lawrence Sheriff are committed to work towards meeting the Quality in Careers Standard incorporating the Gatsby Benchmarks and gained their Quality in Careers Commitment certificate in January 2019.


Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at Lawrence Sheriff The Careers Program at Lawrence Sheriff is developed and revised on an ongoing basis so that the program can endeavour to fulfil the Department of Education’s Careers Strategy (released December 2017) which outlines the Gatsby Benchmarks as comprehensive guidance for all schools when delivering careers related learning and activities. For an overview of the program offered to students please see the table below; 

 Policy statement on provider access-CAREERS Feb 18


Year 7
•             A tailored half-day, off timetable study skills event which aims to help our new students with personal organisation, teamwork and confidence building.

Year 8
•             Dedicated careers lessons within a rotation.
•             A tailored off timetable careers event during the academic year. 

Year 9
•             Dedicated careers lessons within a rotation.
•             Students will attend The Skills Show at the NEC Birmingham in November. 

Year 10

•             A tailored off timetable careers event during the academic year. 

Year 11

•             A tailored full day off timetable careers event during the academic year.

•             One to one Practice Interviews; students apply for a fictitious job role for which they then interview for. This helps students gained a better understanding of the application and interview process from start to finish. 

•             One to One Careers Guidance Interviews with our independent qualified careers advisor, Mrs Jill Whittingham. All students receive a personalised Action Plan after their Interview to help them focus on what they need to do next regarding their future.

 •             Work Experience Monday 1st to Friday 5th July 2019.

Years 12 and 13

•             There is a comprehensive programme of Careers related activities in the Sixth Form.
•             Please refer to the Sixth Form pages or the Sixth Form staff.

Further to the program all students can access impartial careers advice and guidance from Mrs Warde (for students up to Year 11) and Mrs Halestrap (for Sixth Form). Both contacts can also make immediate contact with the National Careers Service helpline, which offers comprehensive information via their Careers Adviser Team. Students and parents/carers can also access this service via the information below;

National Careers Service Helpline;

Available everyday 8am till 10pm on 0800 100 900 or online

Careers Resources Students have access to a range of careers resources such as books and leaflets in our Library, however should there be information required on a particular career that is not in the library please contact Mrs Warde.

Kudos – Online Careers Guidance tool available to all students

We are very grateful to the Parents' Association for supporting our statutory duty to ensure that students obtain impartial careers advice and guidance, by part funding our subscription to Kudos. Kudos is accessed during timetabled lessons for Year 8 and Year 9. However, all students including Sixth Form have access to the site, in school and at home. Kudos offers comprehensive information on a wide range of careers and study routes, including apprenticeships. It also has the function to help students develop CV’s and UCAS statements. The site is regularly updated and provides students with current Labour Market Information (LMI) which again can be valuable when making future study or career choices.

Any student or parent/carer that wishes to learn more about the site or if you would like information on accessing Kudos please contact Mrs Warde directly. 

Tutor Time Careers Activities.

From September 2018 all students Year 7 to Year 11 will receive a planned careers learning activity during their Tutor time once a fortnight on a Monday. Students will pre-Christmas cover Labour Market Information (LMI) which we receive directly from Warwickshire County Council’s Skills for Employment team, The Careers and Enterprise Company and the National Careers Service. This information gives teachers and student’s detailed statistics based on our geographical area about what each job sector and industry is currently doing in relation to the growth or decline in jobs available and future prospects. This activity is planned to make students more aware of the world of work.

Any parent wishing to access this information themselves should contact Mrs Warde.

In January 2019 students Year 7 to Year 12 will move onto STEPS (published by Prospects). This is a booklet targeted for each year group and covers budgeting, employability skills, CV’s, action planning and decision making for the future.

To complement the program further we also plan events, presentations and assembly talks for which the timetable is suspended for a particular class or year group at various points throughout the academic year.


We regularly interact with local companies and business professionals who assist us with the delivery of various careers activities by volunteering their time.

We also have close working relations with Project Ask and Amazing Apprenticeships, Bright Futures, Inside Knowledge, local Colleges and Universities to enable us to deliver a broad range of career’s advice and guidance across all year groups.

In February 2018 we launched our own secure online Alumni networking community, which enables past students, parents and staff members to interact with current Sixth Formers to offer insight into their own career paths since leaving LSS. It has also proved a valuable source of past students willing to give assembly talks and volunteer to facilitate events such as the Year 11 one to one Practice Interviews.

We are always open to meeting individuals and companies who would be interested in helping us in the following ways;

  • Presenting an assembly talk to a group of students about the job you do or the company you work for.

  • Could you or your company could offer a work experience placement to students in Year 11, 12 or 13

  • Volunteer your time to help us with practice interviews.


Should you require any further careers information, advice or guidance please contact;

 Amanda Logo 2


Mrs A. Warde
Head of Careers and Alumni
Apprenticeship Champion  

Office Hours; Monday to Thursday 9.15am – 3pm (Term time only) 

Updated by Mrs Warde on 7th September 2018.

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