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Welcome to the web page for the Lawrence Sheriff School Parents’ Association.

Established in 1908, the Association’s main objectives have been to “... advance the education of pupils in the school, in particular by: developing effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school; and engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the school and advance the education of the pupils.”

Of course we could not fulfil any of the P.A. objectives without the assistance of the parents, staff and students and I should like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your contributions in whatever form they take: attending the various events, donations, buying Grand Draw tickets, providing support as mentors and advisers to school activities, etc.

The Parents' Association has its own constitution and submits reports to the Charity Commission every year.It has a small committee, at a minimum comprising:

  • Chair (the President of the PA)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 3 'ordinary' members

Where possible we also elect deputies for the chair, secretary and treasurer to help with cover, but this is not a requirement of our constitution. The AGM is held in September each year, where the committee is elected for the coming academic year.


Please find below PA meeting dates for next academic year (All on a Wednesday, 7pm, in LRC):

PA Diary Dates for 2018 -19

Wednesday 12th September 2018
Wednesday 10th October 2018
Wednesday 14th November 2018
Wednesday 12th December 2018
Wednesday 9th January 2019
Wednesday 13th March 2019
Wednesday 10th April 2019
Wednesday 8th May 2019
Wednesday 12th June 2019
Wednesday 10th July 2019


Parents Association Useful Information  click here

New fund raising ideas for the school.

Easy Fundraising!

Easyfundraising.org.uk is the new name for the 'Spend and Raise' website that regularly appears on the bottom of the Weekly Word newsletters. Easyfundraising.org.uk is an easy way to raise money for Lawrence Sheriff School as each time you shop a small percentage of your spend is donated by the organisation to the PA, at no cost to you. You can shop with over 2,700 retailers including Amazon, John Lewis, eBay, Tesco and many more. It's easy to register (I've just registered and it’s really quick and there are no adverts or sharing of your email address if you tick the boxes) and to date the site has raised over £350 for the school.  

We'd be very grateful if you could register on this new link to help support LSS and our fundraising efforts.


Match Funding

If you work for an organisation that provides charity match-funding, please do get in touch with us, as this is an invaluable way of raising much needed extra funds for the school. For more details, please contact us at parents@lawrencesheriffschool.com (Barclays are a key supporter of match funding so if you, or anyone connected with LSS works for Barclays, please let us know!).

 We thought you'd like to know more about some of the equipment and resources that have been funded through your kind and generous support over the past year. These items include:

•Student robotics equipment

•An etching press for the Art department

•Storage area for physics equipment

•New glassware for the Chemistry department

•Funds to purchase books for all tutor groups for silent reading

As you can see, the list is very varied and covers resources both for enrichment and teaching.

This year, whilst we don’t have a single major item that we’re fundraising for, we are hoping to raise as much as we can to support as wide a range of requests as possible.

Watch this space to find out more about events and ideas to help raise funds for LSS this year.

Functions 2018 -19

 001 Christmas Tree

This year the Christmas Fair will be on Saturday 1 December, and the fantastic news is that we already have one match-funding donation. We also already have a Christmas stall booked too!
If anyone else is able to charity match-fund, through their employer, please do get in touch as it's a really easy form to fill out and makes a big difference to how much we can fund raise.
If you'd like to come along to our next meeting, or able to help out at the Christmas Fair in anyway, from baking, to setting up, to offering a raffle prize, to running a stall - please do get in touch with us by email: parents@lawrencesheriffschool.com
We would be delighted to have your help!

Recycled School Uniform and Kit  

If you're having a clear out of LSS uniform, shirts, trousers or sports kit, including trainers, rugby boots etc over the Christmas holidays, we'd be very happy to have any donations for the recycled school uniform stock. Donations of uniform can be given in to the school office marked for the attention of Mrs Armitage. If you'd like to look through the second-hand uniform stock, please contact Mrs Armitage at the school. We don't price any of the items but ask if you'd like to make a donation to the Parents' Association to go towards fundraising for the school.


LSS Parental Subscriptions

As a new parent to LSS, I remember being given a large bundle of papers in the summer to read through, fill in and sign before my son started. Two of these forms were the Parental Subscription form and the Gift Aid form. At the time, I didn't pay much attention to these, as I was busy reading through the 30 or so other sheets of paper and making sure these were back in time!

However, since joining the Parents' Association, I now realise that Parental Subscriptions are an invaluable (and much needed) fund-raiser for LSS and that secondly, by signing the Gift Aid form, this contribution can be boosted even further.

There's no doubt that these are tough economic times, but having seen the positive impact that school fund-raising can make to the boys, staff and school, I now understand the huge difference that Parental Subscriptions can make.

Last year, Parental Subscriptions raised £2,625, including £710.52 from completed Gift Aid forms.

Parental Subscriptions are, of course, entirely voluntary, but if you would like to contribute, the Parents' Association would be very grateful for your support.

Completed forms can be sent to the PA Treasurer, via the school office.   Just to mention that if the subscription is coming from a joint bank account, then the PA needs both joint account holders to complete the forms in order to comply with HMRC rules.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

LSS Parents’ Association

Other News..

Other recent funding includes a projector in the Sports Hall, Kudos Careers Advice Packages and SEN equipment.

The money available to fund these projects has come from successful social events, such as the Quiz and Curry evening held in March and the provision of bars and refreshments at sporting fixtures and the Roots Bar music events.

A huge "thank-you " must go to everyone who helps and comes along to these fund-raising events, as without your support we would be unable to provide these contributions.

If you would like further information on events or how to get involved with the Parents’ Association please contact us through the school website or main school office.

P.S Please don’t forget when shopping online to use the link on The Weekly Word front page: http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ to help boost PA funds

Thanks for supporting us and we look forward to seeing you again at future events.

All parents are welcome to PA meetings, whether they are on the committee or not, and many of our activities are led by parents who do not hold an 'official' committee role.

How you can help us …..

· Contact us with fund raising ideas

· Join the PA and come to our meetings

· Offer your help for events

· Support us via subscriptions

· Respond to appeals

· Get involved and come to events

Click on the link to contact us, to join the PA, or to offer your support

Thank you for your interest – if you would like to find out more, please contact us.

LSS PA Chair

PA Charity Number 1101219



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